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Apple AirPods have become one of the most popular wireless earbuds in the market, thanks to their sleek design, seamless connectivity, and impressive sound quality. However, with popularity comes the risk of counterfeit products flooding the market. Fake AirPods are becoming increasingly common, making it essential for consumers to know how to spot them. In this insider’s guide, we will help you distinguish genuine Apple AirPods from their counterfeit counterparts like a pro!

Allow your iPhone to be the judge of your apple airpods

The simplest way to identify fake AirPods is to pair them with your iPhone. Apple just implemented a new verification check to iOS 16 to detect counterfeit AirPods. When users pair bogus AirPods, iOS will notify them that their headphones are not genuine. According to the notice, “These headphones could not be verified as genuine AirPods and may not behave as expected.” This functionality does not prevent users from pairing with or using counterfeit AirPods. It just alerts them that they are using fake AirPods.

apple airpods

Check the BOX

The key is in the apple AirPods Pro box; the imitation and real boxes look and feel the same. Here are a few changes we discovered in the counterfeit Apple AirPods pro packaging.

Fake vs. Genuine:

  • On the front of the false box is a hologram. The original, on the other hand, does not come with a hologram sticker or anything.
  • The top of the original box contains a laminated apple AirPods pro sticker. The fake package, on the other hand, has a printed sticker, and you can see the difference right away.
apple airpods

Inspect AirPods and Case

Here’s where the trick to identifying fake AirPods lies. Despite the fact that the AirPod case is identical, the “Designed by Apple in California” printing is identical. There is one little distinction between the two AirPods. The original is made in Vietnam and is labeled “Apple Vietnam,” whereas the counterfeit is labeled “Apple Japan.”

The battery specifications are also visible in the casing. The original AirPod features a 519mAh battery. The bogus Airpod, on the other hand, has a 598mAh battery printed on it.

Check serial number

The fake Airpods all have the same serial number, including the Airpod case, left earpiece, right earpiece, and box. The original Apple AirPods, on the other hand, have an exact serial number with one extra iteration. Like a bundle of serial-wise notes, the last character of each portion will have a sequence letter with the same serial number.

Furthermore, if you open the settings app, you’ll notice that the phony AirPods pro have a different serial number. The original apple AirPods pro, on the other hand, have the same serial number on the box and in the settings menu.

Analyze the Build Quality

There is little question that the original apple AirPods Pro, which costs around INR 25,000, would be identical to a Fake Airpod, which costs around INR 1,500. However, if you’ve seen or used the original apple AirPods, you’ll notice some subtle variances. For example, the flap sound of the Airpod case and the Airpod ear tip. Counterfeiters are often not as careful with vents and grills so those things can give away a fake

Test Apple Airpods Pro connectivity

Both the genuine and counterfeit AirPods Pro offer instant pairing capabilities. This means that you can place the AirPods in front of any iPhone and they will instantly connect. However, because the original apple AirPods are synced with your Apple ID, it instantly connects to all of your devices without any further input, and you can effortlessly switch earphones. However, switching devices will be difficult with Fake AirPods.

Test ANC feature

The ANC capability will not be available in the fake AirPods because they are fake, and this level of functionality is expensive to implement. As a result, switching to transparency mode on the iPhone will make no effect. The original apple AirPods, on the other hand, will operate perfectly.

Check Buttons

The original apple Airpods Pro have pressure sensitive buttons, so you would have to slightly squeeze the stem of the Airpods pro to pick up a call or play pause music. However, in the Fake Airpods, you’ll have the touch sensitive button.

Latency & Charging

We also tested the AirPods Pro’s latency, and the results are fairly evident. The original apple AirPods are smooth and have speedy connectivity. The fake AirPods, on the other hand, have a latency when playing music.

If you charge your Airpods, you’ll see a device charging notification in the original apple Airpods Pro. In the original, however, there will be no ping when charging your device.

Finally, these are some methods for distinguishing fake Airpods from genuine apple Airpods. The crucial point to remember here is not only the design and feel, but also the sound quality of the apple Airpods Pro. The original ones will always outperform the Fake AirPods in terms of performance and battery life due to the optimization of the iOS and Apple hardware.


Q1: Can fake AirPods harm my ears?

A: Yes, counterfeit AirPods may not undergo the same safety tests as genuine products, potentially leading to discomfort or even harm to your ears.

Q2: Do fake AirPods come with a warranty?

A: No, counterfeit products do not come with any warranty or after-sales support from Apple.

Q3: How can I tell if my AirPods are the first or second generation?

A: Check the model number on the charging case. The second-generation AirPods have the model number “A2031” for the standard case and “A2032” for the wireless charging case.

Q4: Are there any visual differences between original and fake AirPods?

A: Yes, there are often subtle differences in font size, color shade, and design elements on the packaging.

Q5: Are AirPods Pro also prone to counterfeiting?

A: Yes, counterfeiters target all popular Apple products, including AirPods Pro. Be vigilant and follow the same steps to spot fake AirPods Pro.

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